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NeuWave is the Product portfolio of Neugen which focuses on product creation opportunities brought about by convergence. The capability of NeuGen is to address the needs of Product Companies, Service Providers and Semi-Conductor companies providing the notion of engineering tolerance (Appropriate solutions at an appropriate cost).

Smart Pedo

Smart Pedo - A pedometer, mechanics that measures the physics of body motion. The qualities of the pedometer affect the accuracy, reliability and durability.Smart pedo employs smart sensors that monitors the normal steps and aerobic steps, computes the total steps, calories and distance achievedA wearable device continuously monitor the body movement, data collected is correlated to produce an overall picture of the Total steps, Kilocalories, Distance per day. The acquired data is transmitted wired/wireless to a web server for monitoring by health care professionals.

Physiological Monitoring System

Physiological Monitoring System Wireless Physiological Monitoring System (WPMS), a technique for detecting the range of physiologic parameters such as - ECG, Heart rate, Blood Pressure and Blood-oxygen saturation. The WPMS tracks health status, by allowing more precise self-monitoring or enabling patients to transmit the information to health care professionals.

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